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Drawing by Nate Wadell and Morgan Jacobs
Nate Waddell and Morgan Jacobs
Student Gallery M.Arch

Sin Nombre [Nameless]: The New National Museum of the American Latino

401 Advanced Topics Studio

Capitalizing on the large social and cultural processes currently unfolding in America, this studio aimed to question what role Cultural Identity plays and should play in today’s architectural environment. Cultural Identity is meant to be that of the individual, for instance, that of the Architect. And Collective Identity, is that of a particular, though loosely defined group such as the LatinX Community in America.

Rather than simply playing into a form of identity politics applied to an architectural design studio; individuals do not have to have this background nor should they have to have it in order to become the hypothetical architect for this project.

Ultimately, the studio intends to use this project as a form of problematic cultural speculation. Furthermore, it aims to encourage a conversation which doesn’t shy away from a formal and aesthetic agenda, but attempts to locate and integrate its possible radical project within a larger cultural and sociopolitical context.

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