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Faculty publications provide an in-depth perspective on the creative contributions of UCLA Architecture and Urban Design to the field.

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POOL: UCLA Architecture & Urban Design Student Magazine

POOL is the student journal of UCLA Architecture and Urban Design. It is driven by an interest in an expanding definition of architectural work that, in a culture of high volume content exchange, considers curation as a primary form of cultural production. Following this, we contend that valid forms of architectural work extend beyond conventional media and formats, from animation and music to syllabi and archives.

2023-2024 editorial team

Managing Editors:
Kinamee Rhodes, Kay Wright
Content Editors:
Hunter Blackwell, Jenny Lee, Alexandra Hillard Ferreira
Graphic Editors:
Peiyin Chou, Marcus Vazquez, Pingting Li
Digital Editor:
Peter Tzuyuan Cheng
Events & Outreach Editor:
Anna Whittell
Production & Finance Editors:
Adam Cardenas, Liuyi Ding
PhD Advisor:
Alexa Vaughn


cityLAB Publications

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These publications span a wide variety of topics, including transportation, housing, sustainability, and social equity. These resources provide valuable insights, research findings, policy recommendations, and innovative solutions to address complex urban challenges. Whether exploring the future of mobility, affordable housing strategies, sustainable development practices, or inclusive urban planning initiatives, these publications offer actionable knowledge and thought-provoking analysis for urban planners, policymakers, researchers, and anyone interested in shaping the future of cities.