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Summer Programs

Our summer programs offer students a glimpse into life at one of the leading public universities in the world, and provide access to courses and programming that is not available at many high schools.

Teen ArchStudio is a summer architecture experience for high school students. JumpStart is an intensive, four-week program for individuals contemplating careers in architecture, design, and related fields.

Structured around the experience of an architectural design studio typically offered within the curriculum of an undergraduate architecture program, students focus on developing design skills through space, and form making, and related 2D and 3D representation techniques. Individual and group projects generate a dynamic and productive environment designed to help students in their decision-making process as they consider future paths in higher education in architecture or other design-related fields.

Both programs culminate in critiques and final presentations of work through portfolios and exhibitions, giving students a chance to apply their skills and gain experience producing professional presentations and putting together materials needed to apply to college or find a job. Furthermore, after taking courses, and interacting with other students and faculty, students can picture themselves pursuing architecture and design in a university setting, and feel more prepared and confident when they go to college.

Teen ArchStudio

Teen ArchStudio is a summer architecture experience for high school students interested in exploring architecture and design thinking. We offer two tracks for interested students:

Both programs expose high school students to the architecture discipline, giving them a sense of the life of a college student at UCLA. Participants receive mentorship from current UCLA Architecture and Urban Design students, alumni, and faculty, and experience the profession as well as urban life in Los Angeles through the design of a project, field trips and tours.

Teen ArchStudio and Teen ArchStudio PLUS are open to students who are 14 years of age or older prior to June 22, 2020, and enrolled in grades 9th – 12th during Spring 2020. Students who do not meet the minimum program eligibility should not register and should consider other summer opportunities.

Questions? Email us at summer@aud.ucla.edu.

Learn more and register at summer.ucla.edu/institutes/TeenArchStudio.


JumpStart is a four-week immersive summer program that will introduce you to the unique experience of an architectural education at UCLA.

JumpStart is open to all majors and carries six quarter units of UC credit. It is open to students from all backgrounds, whether or not they are currently enrolled in an architecture program. For transfer students, it’s also a great introduction to the UCLA campus. To participate in Jumpstart, you must currently have a high school diploma (or equivalent).

The JumpStart schedule allows for enrollment in ARCH&UD 10B: History of Architecture and Urban Design-Baroque to Contemporary Moments (5 units).

Questions? Email us at jumpstart@aud.ucla.edu.

Learn more and register at summer.ucla.edu/institutes/JumpStartArchitecture.