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Summer Programs

Our summer programs offer students a glimpse into life at one of the leading public universities in the world, and the opportunity to earn UC college credit.

Structured around the experience of a design studio typically offered within the curriculum of a college-level architecture program, students focus on developing and advancing their design skills through space, and form making, and related 2D and 3D representation techniques.

Led by UCLA AUD Summer Programs Director, Julia Koerner, through a wide range of activities – from intensive design exercises, individual feedback sessions, and small group discussions, to studio-wide presentations, and reviews – students will be introduced to the conceptual and technical facilities essential to the study of architecture as a discipline. To supplement studio activities, weekly lectures from UCLA faculty and notable guest designers will explore the many facets of idea-driven design, as well as urban culture in Los Angeles.

Both programs culminate in final presentations of work to guest critics, offering students a chance to apply their skills and gain experience producing and giving professional presentations. Students also develop a design portfolio they can use to apply to future design programs.



Jumpstart is a four-week summer studio for individuals contemplating careers in architecture, design, and related fields. The program is open to students from all backgrounds and carries six quarters of UC credit. To participate in Jumpstart, you must currently have a high school diploma (or equivalent).

Over the course of the program, students will learn to:

The Jumpstart schedule allows for concurrent enrollment in ARCH&UD 10B: History of Architecture and Urban Design-Baroque to Contemporary Moments (5 units).


“The most important thing is that you love what you are doing, and the second that you are not afraid of where your next idea will lead.” – Charles Eames

The Eames House, built in 1949 in the Pacific Palisades, is considered one of the most important postwar residences in the USA. It is the Case Study House No. 8 and a National Historic Landmark. The Eames House has served as a blueprint for homes for more than seventy years. It was built fast and economically to meet surging post-war needs. The house was erected in two days using materials ordered from catalogues, and it was a triumph of innovation for its time. Inspired by such a forward-thinking, experimental approach to the design of dwelling, this introductory design studio will challenge students to unfold new spatial and formal arrangements comprising re-imagined parts that stimulate creatively framed passages and transitions within the dwelling landscapes of today.

Syllabus, schedule, fees and registration info at summer.ucla.edu/institutes/JumpStart.

Questions? Email us at summer@aud.ucla.edu.

Teen ArchStudio


Teen ArchStudio is a three-week summer architecture experience for high school students interested in exploring architecture and design-thinking. The program carries three quarter units of UC credit and is open to students who are 14 years of age or older prior to June 22, 2022, and enrolled in grades 9th-12th during Spring 2022.


From point to line to plane to volume – architecture takes shape – and it begins with a single sheet of paper. It has been said that there is nothing more terrifying for a designer than a blank piece of paper because it is the embodiment of limitless possibilities.

In this year's Teen ArchStudio, students will study the ancient Japanese art form of origami to explore how form and volume take shape through a series of deliberate operations. Through diagrammatic drawing and modeling they will learn how to generate codified systems in order to abstract inspiration and figuration from a seemingly abstract form to create order in the form of a simple enclosure. Using their origami models and architectural drawings to inform their design, students will develop a pavilion on the UCLA campus.

Syllabus, schedule, fees and registration info at summer.ucla.edu/institutes/TeenArchStudio.

Questions? Email us at summer@aud.ucla.edu.

paper models
Work by Evan Bruetsch