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Student Work Archive

“The Story of the Line” 403C.3, 2022 Mariana IbaƱez
"Future Histories: LA’s Film Industry" 403C.2, 2022 Kutan Ayata
“Outside | Outside” 401, 2021 Georgina Huljich
Saline Dreams 4*: Ecoinfrastructural Architecture 403 Research Studio, 2021 Jason Payne
Climate Caravan: Mobility is Resilience 403 Research Studio, 2021 Heather Roberge
Just Architecture: Zeitgeist Aesthetics and Material Life 403 Research Studio, 2021 Neil Denari
FireCity 403 Research Studio, 2021 Hitoshi Abe
Drive-In/Drive-Thru 401 Tech Core, 2021 Mohamed Sharif, Benjamin Freyinger, Garrett Ricciardi
Civic Hybrids: Between Architecture, Landscape & Infrastructure 414 Major Building Design Studio, 2021 Kutan Ayata, Jimenez Lai, Narineh Mirzaeian
Urban Constructs 289 Technology Seminar, 2021 Ismael Soto
Latent Realities 289 Technology Seminar, 2021 Benjamin Ennemoser
Advanced Building Construction, Spring 2022 437 Building Construction, 2021 Julia Koerner