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Student Work Archive

Workhouse III: Latent Futures 403 Research Studio, 2020 Hitoshi Abe
On Force and Form 403 Research Studio, 2020 Heather Roberge
Los Angeles Portraits 403 Research Studio, 2020 Yara Feghali
A Forest in the City: Mass Timber Infill Urbanism 403 Research Studio, 2020 Neil Denari
Terminal Terrain 414 Major Building Design Studio, 2020 Narineh Mirzaeian, Mohamed Sharif, Georgina Huljich, Jimenez Lai
Between Architecture: Section and Elevation 401 Tech Core, 2020 Katy Barkan, Benjamin Freyinger, Jake Matatyaou, Jason Payne
PENDING: Architectural Patent Office (APO) 289 Technology Seminar, 2020 Garrett Ricciardi
On Myopia and Farsightedness: Bridging Micro and Macro Ecologies 289 Technology Seminar, 2020 David Jimenez Iniesta
My Living Room is Public 289 Technology Seminar, 2020 Yara Feghali
Advanced Building Construction 437 Building Construction, 2020 Julia Koerner
The Mirror Stage 401 Advanced Topics Studio, 2020 Neil Denari
Less Than Ideal: Bigness Corrected 401 Advanced Topics Studio, 2020 Roger Sherman