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Student work from the undergrad studio, Sarcophagus: House in the Airstream
Owen Bradbury-Aranda, Charley Andrews, Daniel Refoua, and Lisa Sumiko Steward
Student Gallery Undergraduate

Sarcophagus: Housing the Airstream

142 Technology II

Taking as precedent the formal/spatial model found in early twentieth century airship hangars and their relationship to the objects they housed, this studio imagined nearly the same thing with just one difference: instead of the airship we considered the Airstream. From there, the design problem is that of a ‘hangar’ for an Airstream trailer, one that would prioritize in both form and function the life of the object within. Mostly we design buildings for human life, so occasionally it makes sense to see them from a less personal perspective. Along the way we wondered about the terms we use to describe these buildings - hangar, shed, envelope, sarcophagus - and how these terms inflect, shade, and otherwise alter the aspirations of our lowest building forms toward architecture.

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