Screenshot from a student project to A student project to create a pedestrian friendly plaza with an overall balance of vehicles and pedestrians
Electric Scooter, Autonomous Car, Food Truck
Student Work M.S. AUD

Multi-Modal Hub

IDEAS Mobility Studio

As machines, in particular vehicles of all sizes and speeds, gain intelligence they will interact with people more intimately. This new mixture of people and machines will challenge existing thresholds between buildings and transportation infrastructure. There is now an opportunity to think about the design of spaces and environments shared by people and machines.

Architects think about these types of problems as technical and not spatial and experiential. We need to go beyond the port cochere, parking garage and bike rack to think about the spatial experience of transportation. This includes the volume, degree of enclosure, shade, illumination, information, light and air around them as they move.

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Greg Lynn, Marta Nowak
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