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"VIA" on show at the A+D Museum
"VIA" on show at the A+D Museum as part of the "We Are Here" Exhibition. Image courtesy of Jack Freedman.
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Work by Deeksha Harish, Yilan Huang, and Jiaqi Kang (MSAUD '23)

Currently on show at the Architecture and Design Museum Los Angeles as a part of the exhibition entitled "We Are Here: Imagining Space in the 21st Century", curated by Laure Michelon. "We Are Here" is on show through April 7, 2024. Visit the A+D Museum website to find out more about the exhibition.

Stills from "VIA"

"VIA" follows a group of nomads migrate through different seasons, adapting to the environment through their multifunctional skin, that serves as their portable home. Set in the far future, the nomads journey is via various landscapes where the boundaries between technology and nature have blurred, a new era has dawned. Welcome to 'VIA'- a story that follows this group of nomads that are bound by a shared ritual. As they journey through the seasons, they become one with nature, adapting and evolving, guided by the wisdom of their ancestors and the teachings of their land witnessing the boundless potential of a future where we walk, via the beauty of our world and the adventure of the unknown.

"VIA" on show at the A+D Museum

Completed for 2023 MSAUD/IDEAS Entertainment Advanced Topics Studio "The Gateway" (Liam Denhamer, Natasha Sandmeier)

The MSAUD/IDEAS Entertainment Studio is one of four studios in AUD's MSAUD program. In a world evermore organized by images, pixels, and data, the IDEAS Entertainment studio is uniquely positioned to provide a platform for architects to design and shape the environments, as well as the audiences, of our near future. Architecture traditionally privileges form over image, yet our world increasingly operates in reverse. The Entertainment Studio situates itself at the crosshairs of that reality, exploring what it means to work and learn as an architect today in a world filled with (and often, consumed by) the tools, techniques, and instincts of animators, filmmakers, and storytellers as well as their audiences. We build worlds and narratives that align space and form with image and technology, in order to transform the role of the architect in a massively mediated world – and discipline. Along the way, we transgress the authentic with the fantastical, the real with the fictional, in order to design, describe, and broadcast the worlds of tomorrow. And we take full advantage of our setting in Los Angeles, where entertainment, industry, innovation, and design percolate and cross-pollinate, suggesting tomorrow's new directions.

Deeksha Harish, Yilan Huang, and Jiaqi Kang presenting their project during Rumble 2023
Harish, Huang, and Kang with their MSAUD instructors Natasha Sandmeier and Liam Denhamer
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Liam Denhamer, Natasha Sandmeier, Laure Michelon
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Mixed Reality, Entertainment, Media
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