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Liam Denhamer


Liam Denhamer is an architect and founder of the firm Juvenilia. Since graduating from the Architectural Association with a Master's in 2018, Denhamer has held a wide number of positions, including Associate Director at Real Foundation and a Contributing Editor at Real Review. His work has been published in Ecocore, Heavy Traffic, the Opioid Crisis Lookbook, and Real Review, as well as been exhibited at the Serpentine in London. In addition to his position at UCLA, Denhamer has taught at the Angewandte, The Royal College of Art, and the Architectural Association.

In his work, Denhamer employs a unique architectural language that plays on the brutality, conflict, and violence that is inherent in architecture, while incorporating subversive countercultural aesthetics. His work frequently plays on the translation of the virtual to the physical sphere and the integration of new technologies in the construction of architecture in that physical sphere. In Denhamer’s work, the near constant collusion of these elements in a hyper-capitalist society are played with unapologetically, in the hopes of truly mining the ramifications of these elements on architecture.

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