Machine learning-generated image of aerial drone photography of Mexico City
Onur Koyun and Irem Uyger
Student Work M.S. AUD

Deep Urbanism: Technocritical Architectural Narratives for Human/Machine Society

IDEAS Technology Studio

In the world of surveillance capitalism where extreme transparency is camouflage for manipulation and control, how do we comprehensively understand the impact of our digital actions? The objective of the Deep Urbanism studio is to demystify the inner workings of the algorithms that hold increasing influence over our decisions, emotions, and sense of self by turning them into forms of media that are comprehensible through our spatial perception. Through subverting their innate purpose, the studio will hack such computational systems of control and exploit them for their creative potential for architectural production.

Related Faculty
Benjamin Ennemoser, Güvenç Özel
Related topics
Technology, Mixed Reality
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