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Video still of a student manipulating robotos through VR
Beaux Arts Ball 4.0, the Fall 2018 Technology Seminar for the IDEAS Technology Studio
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Beaux Arts Ball 4.0

289 Technology Seminar

Beaux Arts Ball 4.0 is an interactive social environment in the tradition of the Architecture League of New York’s Ball, in the context of the 4th industrial revolution. Students in this technology seminar synthesized physical and digital worlds; envisioning the 21st century architecture as a cyberphysical ecosystem enhanced with sensors and responsive robotics and can be experienced through virtual and augmented reality technologies. The seminar speculated on near-future architectural scenarios where the participants are not limited to humans that are physically present in a particular space, but constitute of robots, artificially intelligent beings in the form of sounds and simulations, digital and/or robotic avatars of other telepresent humans, and sensor-enhanced smart AI environments that are responsive and actively engaged with the social life of their context.

Students: Pratinav Chadha, Christina Charalampaki, Bohan Cheng, Ruiyang (Ryan) Cheng, Kevin Clark, Haocheng (Hugo) Dai, Yutong (Rebecca) Dai, Yue Di, Rui (Ray) Ding, Lu (Luna) Geng, Jorge Gutierrez Vigil Escalera, Hoodeen Hakimian, Ying Huang, So Hyun (Sarah) Kim, Zhou Le, Luo Lei, Yunqi Lei, Zhengtao Liu, Qingyun (Zven) Lu, Sanjeet Sanjay (Sam) Mukadam, Narisu Narisu, Nidhi Kiritbhai Parsana, Kaushil Ketan Shah, Kshama Swamy, Hanshuang (Tony) Tong, Yiliang (Allen) Wang, Kan Yen Wu, Xuanyi (Zoey) Xu, Ce Yan, Yixuan Ye, Yicheng (Cheng) Zhao, Yiran Zhou.

Related Faculty
Benjamin Ennemoser, Gabby Shawcross
Related topics
Technology, Mixed Reality
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