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Student work from the fall 2020 tech seminar, MMXD
Hanshi Li and Zeynep Ege Odabasi
Student Work M.Arch M.S. AUD

MMXD - Mixed Media eXperience Design

289 Technology Seminar

The technology seminar, MMXD, is dedicated to mediate the fundamentals of interactive experience design through Game Engines. We investigate how information and data can be spatialized in a digital environment and experienced over time through an avatar's interaction. Students create dynamic Virtual Reality (VR) applications with the focus on various methods of interaction and navigation as well as their representation as an avatar in a digital space. The VR App has to be a mixed media experience that incorporates media elements such as 360 videos, still images, videos, responsive 3D objects, 3D audio, and 4D captures. Each VR experience is following a linear storyline based on an artistic topic and can be augmented and customized by the user's interaction and gamification.

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