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Screenshot from the video showing a robotic red chair navigating a constructed maze using mapping technology.
Jianqiao He, Mengyi Wang, Mingjia Liu, Wei Zou
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Machine Vision

289 Technology Seminar

This Technology Seminar introduced the theory, application and techniques of machine vision in conjunction with the image production in architectural context. It also provided students with an understanding of the problems involved in the machine vision and object recognition under architectural scenarios, such as furniture detection. The course first introduced three different views which link to specific visioning technologies, including the linear perspective with Gita, the mobile-carrier robot, 3D scanning with 6-axis robot arms and aerial view with autonomous drones. It continued with research on algorithms of image processing and pattern recognition. The idea of classification, localization, object detection and instance segmentation were also introduced to students in order to set up workflows.

Students: Nathan Adams, Abdullah Alsanea, Yudi An, Fangyu Cui, Chaowei Fang, Yuan Gao, Zhili Geng, Tingji Guo, Jianqiao He, YamChing Hui, Yanxu Jia, Abhi Kalra, Qingzhi Li, Qinxuan Li, Yifei Li, Yishuang Li, Mingjia Liu, Zhikun Liu, Maulaen Maniyar, Kemou Nie, Dhruvil Soni, Mengyi Wang, Bingqing Xu, Yuting Zhang, Jianlan Zhao, Nanxuan Zheng, Wei Zou.

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