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Student work from the tech seminar, Tales from Terra
Earth Eater by Maira Yasir and Chiayu Chen
Student Work M.Arch M.S. AUD


289 Technology Seminar

We are now a species for whom even the smallest, most banal actions, trigger planetary scale consequences; consequences so vast that they ironically fall below our thresholds of perception and become invisible. Simultaneously, as we enter the age of Extended Reality (XR), our daily experience will soon be one where we switch between reality ‘channels’, as we tune into different augmented worlds that fade, cut and overlay in and out of our view. In the seminar, we will speculate on XR interventions that reveal the liminal infrastructures that support our domestic lives. These interventions will be delivered as cinematic, 30 second vignettes - virtual environments composited on top of filmed, live-action footage.

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