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Student Work Archive

Dylan Hart and Motomi Matsubara's mass-timber market 401.1, 2023 Heather Roberge
Mass Timber: Evan Breutsch and Christopher Rancourt's open-air market hall and community center 401.1, 2023 Heather Roberge
"Open Work": Fall 2022 Advanced Topics Studio with Enrique Walker 401.1, 2022
“The Story of the Line” 403C.3, 2022 Mariana IbaƱez
"Future Histories: LA’s Film Industry" 403C.2, 2022 Kutan Ayata
“Outside | Outside” 401, 2021 Georgina Huljich
Saline Dreams 4*: Ecoinfrastructural Architecture 403 Research Studio, 2021 Jason Payne
Climate Caravan: Mobility is Resilience 403 Research Studio, 2021 Heather Roberge
Just Architecture: Zeitgeist Aesthetics and Material Life 403 Research Studio, 2021 Neil Denari
FireCity 403 Research Studio, 2021 Hitoshi Abe
Drive-In/Drive-Thru 401 Tech Core, 2021 Mohamed Sharif, Benjamin Freyinger, Garrett Ricciardi
Civic Hybrids: Between Architecture, Landscape & Infrastructure 414 Major Building Design Studio, 2021 Kutan Ayata, Jimenez Lai, Narineh Mirzaeian