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Axonometric rendering from bird’s-eye  zoomed in on project site.
Yushan Men
Student Gallery M.Arch

Building Design with Landscape

413 Building Design with Landscape Studio

This studio focuses on the disciplinary issues, techniques and organizations of the urban landscape; the metropolitan field. As a complex hybrid of landscape and building, the city will be used as the didactic and actual context for the investigation and invention of new models of, and analogs for, the role of the landscape and public open space in architecture, and vice versa. The concern is less with the architecture of the individual iconic building, which assumes the city as a deferential background, but rather with the architecture of the prototypical—the invention of new typologies (in this case, of urban living) whose potency lies not in their rarity, but in their capacity to be repeated.

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Neil Denari, Mohamed Sharif, Narineh Mirzaeian, Greg Kochanowski
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