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UCLA Architecture and Urban Design Student Magazine. POOL Issue No. 6: PLANT
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UCLA AUD Student Magazine POOL Issue No. 6: PLANT - Call for Submissions

Jan 10, 2021

UCLA Architecture and Urban Design's student magazine, POOL, has just announced the theme of their sixth print issue: PLANT.

Submissions are due by February 15, 2021.

> To sow and to grow,
Is to care and then repair.
To tend we befriend.
The floor that contains
cycles that come and go­
Operation complete.
Gleaning conceptions.
The cultivation of which
will show us the way.

We invite you to examine plant with an eye towards all or any of its associated terminology; farmer, laborer, migrant, worker, wage earner, employee; sun, shade, climate; energy, power, nuclear; rhizome, root, germ; programming, automation, mechanisation; seed, spud, pip; manufacture, generator, infrastructure; genealogy, lineage, pedigree; fordization, plantation, systematization; soil, bed, earth; factory, facility, mill; harvest, crop, cull; toil, labor, manufacture; nurture, care, keep; assembly, processes, forge; germinate, accumulate, pollinate; produce, stockpile, multiply, pullulate.

POOL invites submissions of any form of communicative media and encourages both content endemic to academic publishing and unconventional media (conducted with the awareness of the diversity of plant and the many interpretations it can have).

We accept essays, drawings, and other content endemic to academic publishing, but highly encourage unconventional media such as comics, experimental films, syllabi, etc. Please include a cover image or summary text (50 words maximum) to be used on the website as a thumbnail linking to your piece.

All body text should be 2500 words or less and submitted in the form of editable Word documents. All text, including footnotes, should be edited according to the Chicago Manual of Style, 16th edition. All images must be submitted as high-res .png or .jpeg, in RGB. The maximum acceptable file size is 20MB, and max pixel width for display on POOL's website is 1500. Contributors are responsible for procuring the rights to any images they want to use. Video and audio can be submitted through an external site such as Soundcloud or Vimeo. We can also include links to other related documents.

All materials should be submitted digitally to POOL@aud.ucla.edu.

For questions or comments, please contact us at POOL@aud.ucla.edu. More information at www.pool-la.com.

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